Production Services for Global Filming in Egypt

From Cleopatra to James Bond... We add the Egyptian Charm to Global Productions

We are pioneers in Global Filming services in Egypt. We have offered premium production services to numerous international movie classics since the 1940s.

We have proudly added Egypt’s unique charm, revealed its mysteries, and showed its glamour in global hits from “Cleopatra” to Agent 007, James Bond’s movie “The Spy Who Loved Me,” along with top international classics shot in Egypt like Khartoum, The Son of Spartacus, The Ten Commandments, and many others.

Connecting the Dots… for Top International Media Productions

Providing top production services for global filming in Egypt is our area of expertise and collaborating with international production houses and filmmakers for cultural bridging is one of our top priorities. To ensure top quality, we offer world-class production facilities and equipment, take care of regulatory requirements to save clients the headache, and guarantee all steps are being taken within a transparent and seamless framework.

We provide all the facilities needed to ensure hassle-free filming in Egypt

  • Secure and issue all shooting permits needed,
  • Provide the latest shooting and filming equipment required,
  • Provide the best suitable indoor and outdoor shooting locations for your project,
  • Arrange filming schedules,
  • Offer full-range logistics services to your crews from the minute their plane lands until departure, including flights, shooting schedules, and accommodation.

All Taken care of, for you to create your next master scene!!

Add the Ancient Egyptian Charm and Reveal the Mysteries of Egypt in your Art Productions

We look forward to receiving your list of requirements to film in the beautiful land of the Nile. Whether you are a young filmmaker or a big production house, we will be delighted to help you add the ultimate charm and uncover the ancient mysteries of Egypt in your productions. We adore Egypt and will be glad to help you explore and show its stunning beauty.

There is only one Egypt!!

Egypt enjoys one of the world’s most dynamic geographies, from beautiful beaches to nature and ancient historical sites. Our expertise and facilities guarantee international filmmakers will not just create wonderful productions but also have an unforgettable experience here.