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Who We Are

El Gabry Media Production has been proudly opening up new horizons for media production in Egypt since its foundation as an expansion of the pioneering El Gabry Studios and El Gabry International Films, with their remarkable production heritage of top Egyptian and international classics since the 1940s. 

With decades-long expertise, strong vision, and rooted passion, we produce top-level art productions annually to entertain and inspire millions of Egyptian and Arab audiences. Our media productions reflect our identity and represent our culture, starting with the cinema film “Laylet El Haz” in 1945 and up until our latest production showing today on the TV screens, digital media channels, and movie theaters in Egypt and the Arab world.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe in the message of fine art and its role in entertainment, social change, and dissemination of thought. We aim to produce valuable media productions of the highest artistic level, to entertain, inspire and enlighten our viewers and represent their heritage and identity.

We are committed to making TV and cinema productions that tackle our current social issues, express our societies’ concerns, dreams, and aspirations, and work hard to display them on small and large screens around the world to occupy the position they deserve worldwide.

We love Egypt and aim to promote Its unique civilization’s themes and topics in international media. We aspire to attract the world’s largest production companies and various filmmakers worldwide to film and produce their media works in Egypt, to add its ancient charm and reveal its mysteries in global media works.

Our Story

El Gabry Family… 100 years of Passion for Art Creation and Media Production

At the beginning of the cinema industry during the early 1900s, “Sayed Ahmed Mohammed El Gabry” adored cinema art and had a deep passion for filmmaking. He began his career in the field as an agent for the French Film Production Company “Pathé” while producing its film series about Egypt at the time, and has become among the first to screen French and international films in Egypt. Soon enough, he was a pioneer in providing premium production services to some early Egyptian cinema films.

By then, “Sayed El Gabry” did not know that this passion for filmmaking was destined to extend for many generations in his family and to feature “El Gabry” name on some top Egyptian and Global film classics.

In 1940, his son “Ali El Gabry” and others founded “The Arabic Films Company” as a leading art production house. The Arabic Films Company produced many top Egyptian movie classics such as:

  • “Laylet Haz” starring Anwar Wajdi and Tahia Karyoka,
  • “Ana w ebn aamy ,” starring Anwar Wajdi and Aqila Rabet,
  • “Sahebt El Omara,” starring Mohammed Fawzi and Samia Jamal,
  • “Hadath Zat Layla” starring Huda Sultan, Mohsen Sarhan, and Kamal Al-Shanawi, in addition to many other artworks that laid the foundation of the cinema industry in Egypt.

Ali El Gabry’s passion for filmmaking and leading expertise in film production extended to many films when he founded “El Gabry International Films” alone in 1948. Thanks to that venture, El Gabry family name was recorded on some of the most famous Egyptian movies in history that have influenced the film industry and entertained millions of viewers around the world. These included the Egyptian film classics:

  • “Masry fe lebnan” directed by Gianni Vernuccio, starring Kamal El-Shanawy, and Noor El Huda,
  • “Demaa Fel Saharaa” directed by Vernuccio, starring Emad Hamdy and  Hassiba Roshdy,
  • “Laila Al Amreya” directed by Niazy Mustafa, starring Yehia Shaheen and Koka,
  • “Entkam Elhabeb” directed by Vernuccio, starring Yehia Shaheen, Farid Shawky, and Samia Gamal,
  • “Ser El Amira” directed by Niazy Mustafa starring Kamal El-Shanawy and Koka,
  • “Shahedt El Hob El Elahy” directed by Abbas Kamel, starring Roshdy Abaza, Ayda Helal, and Hussein Reyad,
  • “Kilo 99” directed by Ibrahim Helmy, starring ismael Yassin and Mary Monib, and many other films.

As for the international movies, “El Gabry International Films” participated in providing production and filming services in Egypt to a huge number of Global Classics that included:

  • “Cleopatra ” directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, starring Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marie Devereaux,
  • “The Son of Spartacuss” directed by Sergio Corbucci, starring Steve Reeves,Gianna Maria Canale, and Claudio Gora,
  • “The Spy who Loved Me” directed by Louis Gilbert, starring Roger Moore, Barbra Bach, curd jurgens, and Richard Kiel
  • “El Khartoum”directed by Basil Dearden and Elliot Elisofon, starring charlton Heston, Laurence Olivier, and Richard Johnson,
  • “The Ten Commandments” directed by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, and Edward G,
  • “The Bible” Directed by John Houston, starring Michael Parks, Richard Harris, and Paula Beer,
  • “The Tiger” directed by Park Hoon-Jung, starring Choi Min-Sik, Jung Man-Sik, and kim Sang-ho,
  • “The Guns and the Fury” directed by Tony Zarindast, starring Peter Graves, Albto ert Salmi, and Cameron Mitchell,
  • “Valley of the Kings” directed by Robert Pirosh, starring Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker, and Victor Jory,
  • “Nefertiti” directed by Fernando Cerchio, starring Vincent Price, Jeanne Crain, and Liana Orfei.

In 1994, “El Gabry Studios Co.” was founded by the third generation of El Gabry Family, which by then had cemented its position as a leading family in art production in Egypt.

El Gabry Internal Studio in Giza was established in 1992, as the first private studio in Egypt. Followed by “El Gabry Village” in 2006, over a vast area of 120 acres with numerous outdoor and indoor shooting locations, designed per the rural Egyptian and Nubian style with all featuring houses, streets, and natural sites of the authentic Egyptian village.

El Gabry studios witnessed the production of many valuable TV series during the 1990s and 2000s, including:

  • The television series “Al-Rahaya” directed by Hosny Saleh, starring Nour Elsherief, Sawsan Badr, and Samira Abd Elaziz, and written by Abd Elrehiem Kamal,
  • “Ragol El Aqdar” Directed by Wafik Wagdy , starring Nour Elsherief, Sawsan Badr, and Hanan Motawea, and written by Samy Ghoniem,
  • “Sheikh al-Arab Hammam” Directed by Hosny Saleh, starring Yehia El-Fakhrany, Reham Abd Elghafour, and Sabreen, and written by Abd Elrehiem Kamal,
  • “El Khawaja Abdul Qadir” Directed by Shady El-Fakhrany, starring Yehia El-Fakhrany, Solafa memaar, and Sawsan Badr, and written by Abd Elrehiem Kamal,
  • “Hadaek El Shytan” Directed by Ismael Abd El Hafez, starring Gamal Soliman, Somaia El khashab, and Reyad El Kholy, and written by Mohamed Safaa Amer,
  • “Afarit El-Sayala” directed by Ismael Abd El Hafez, starring Abla Kamel, Safeya El Emary, Hassan Hosny, and Ziena, and written by Osama Anwar Okasha,
  • “Randevo” directed by Aly Abd El Khalek, starring Somaia El khashab, Ahmed Zaher, Khaled Abo El Naga, and Samy El Adl, and written by Essam El Shamaa,
  • “Noheb Ayshet El Horeya” directed by Adel El Aasar, starring Elham Shahen, Maged El Masry, Hala Sedky, and Khaled El Sawy, and written by Yosry El Gendy, and many other works.

As such, El Gabry Media Production House, founded in 2008, has become a valuable extension of this rich artistic heritage. The company intends to carry on the torch with the fourth generation of the Al Gabry family and the best professionals in Egypt’s film industry to continue producing top-notch media productions on Egyptian and Arabic screens annually.